Placement test

TypingClub's default lesson plan Typing Jungle is designed as a self-paced touch typing course. Regardless of your students' current typing abilities, it's recommended to have them start from the beginning and polish their skills. The placement test can be enabled for Typing Jungle to help you assess where your students' current touch typing abilities are. The placement test can be assigned to a class by following these steps:

  1. Go to Classes.
  2. Click open your class.
  3. Click Assignments.
  4. For each lesson plan, you can click Options to view a set of settings, including one that allows you to enable/disable a placement test.
  5. Click Update Options to save your changes.

Warning: Placement tests are available only on updated versions of Typing Jungle. To check if your copy is up to date, go to Lesson PlansTyping Jungle. If an update is available, you'll be prompted to update your Typing Jungle. Then you can proceed to enable the placement test for your class.

Once enabled, the placement test will become available for students to take upon opening Typing Jungle. Our algorithm will present students with progressively more challenging exercises and unlock the skills they're already proficient in.

To view a student's placement test score, you will first select the specific student, go to their Activity Attempts page and click Placement tests. A class-wide placement test report is coming soon.