Create and customize lesson plans

Teachers who use TypingClub School Edition can create and edit their own lesson plans. A lesson plan is a collection of lessons you see when students start using TypingClub. Everything about the lessons, including text, score system, use of backspace, and speed requirements is configurable in this interface. You can use our default lesson plan, you can edit it to match your personal preferences, or you can build a new lesson plan from scratch.

Default lesson plan - Typing Jungle

Start by clicking the Lesson Plans tab. You should see the title Typing Jungle, which is TypingClub's default lesson plan. The first lessons instruct students to practice typing the J and F keys. These two keys are the foundation of touch typing (notice your keyboard has bumps on those letters). Each subsequent lesson introduces students to new letters, the Shift key, numbers, symbols, and motivates students to increase typing accuracy and speed.

With over 650 in-house designed lessons, Typing Jungle is a comprehensive resource and the best way to teach touch typing. It provides an extensive curriculum that includes varied typing experiences, games, and videos, as well as multiple motivational tools. It is appropriate for K-12 students as it is fully customizable.

Customize existing lesson plans

Our lesson plans are authored in-house by professional educators who are regularly updating the lesson plans with new content and new approaches to teaching typing. We strongly encourage our users to use the lesson plans offered on our platform. If you decide to use our default lesson plan but want to edit certain preferences, you can create your own copy. To do that, open one of the EdClub Lesson Plans and click Make an editable copy.

Everything about a lesson plan is customizable. As soon as you open the lesson plan, you'll be able to edit it using our powerful lesson plan editor. You will see that you have the power to edit the lesson name, the grading requirements such as the speed goal, minimum accuracy, and minimum WPM, the text that students type, preview lessons, and move them around.

Warning: Changing lessons on the base lesson plan will affect all classes that have that particular lesson plan assigned.

Create your own lesson plans

You have the option to build a lesson plan completely from scratch. You name each lesson, decide what text students will type, set the grading requirements, and design your own difficulty settings. To create your own lesson plan, go to Lesson Plans and click + Create New Lesson Plan.