Create custom lesson plans

Teachers who use TypingClub School Edition can create and edit their own lesson plans. A lesson plan is a collection of lessons you see when students start using TypingClub. Everything about the lessons, including text, score system, use of backspace, and speed requirements is configurable in this interface. You can either use one of our default lesson plans, or you can build a custom lesson plan from scratch by following the next steps.

  1. Add a new lesson plan by going to Lesson plans Create New Lesson Plan.

  2. Give the new lesson plan a name, an optional description, choose an icon, and select the language and grade level.

  3. Find the new lesson plan under My Lesson Plans and click View/Edit Lessons.

  4. Once in the lesson plan editor, click the + sign to add new lessons. You can select from several different lesson types such as standard typing, game, anchoring lesson, code typing, etc.

  5. After adding the lesson title and text, you can customize several settings including the lesson objective, use of backspace, on-error cursos behavior, and many more. When you're finished setting up your lesson, save your changes.

  6. Finally, to make the new custom lesson plan available to your students, make sure to assign it to your classes.