Add Many Classes

While setting up your account, you may wish to use a spreadsheet to add multiple classes, instead of adding them manually.

Please go to “Settings”, and scroll down to click the “Data Import Tool”. Here you can see the link on the right side of the screen titled “Classes”. Clicking this link will give you information for required fields in the Classes.csv file. You can download a template by clicking “Download Template”.

Once you open the file, you can see that the required fields are “Class ID”, “Instructor ID”, “School ID” (if you have more than one school), and “Name” for the class.
Optional fields include description, grade, and action. Including a grade for each class will help you more easily sort through your classes in the future, a description will help if you need to remember the purpose of each class, and action is only needed if you want to delete a class that already exists in your account, or if you need to update a class that already exists in your account.

NOTE: Before adding new classes, check your current default lesson plan. This is the lesson plan that will be assigned to all newly created classes. To find this, go to Lesson Plans and then Lesson Plan Settings.

Once you have created your .csv file, make sure to save it, return to the Data Import Tool page, and upload the file. Uploading may take a couple of minutes depending on the size of the file. Check the Classes tab to make sure the classes from your spreadsheet have populated in your account.

Keep in mind that you still have to enroll your students into their classes. By assigning IDs to your classes, you can create and enroll your students at the same time. Just be sure to include the class ID for each student when importing your students.csv file.

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