How do I add a class?

To start adding classes one by one, select the Classes tab on the left side of the page and click the + Add Class button. There are a number of settings configurable on this page; you can either set them now or update them later.

  • Class Name: choose a name for your class, no special format is required
  • Class ID: not required but it may be helpful for you to identify the class
  • Description/Notes: not required but they may be helpful for you to identify the class
  • Scoreboard Visibility: this will allow you to determine whether students can see their standing within the class
  • Backspace Behavior: this will determine whether your students can use backspace to correct mistakes
  • Allow Jumping Ahead: decide whether you students must complete lessons in order or if they can skip ahead
  • Grade: choose a grade for your class
  • Instructor : choose the classroom teacher
  • Lesson Plan: choose the lesson plan that will be assigned to the class

When you are finished, click the Add Class button to see your new class. The next step is enrolling students in the class.

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