Add Many Instructors

Add Many Instructors at Once

Start by clicking the Settings tab on the left-hand side of your admin portal and clicking the “Data Import Tool.”
Data Import Tool is a powerful data processing tool, which allows you to upload large amounts of data in a quick and organized manner. Simply prepare your spreadsheet with a .csv extension containing your teachers' information, or opt to use our template.

Once you insert your instructors’ information into the template, you can use the "Choose File” button to upload it.
Keep in mind: if you do not enter passwords for your instructors, they will all be automatically emailed a confirmation link to log in to their account.

Your file might take a few minutes to process, and you will see it labeled “Processing” on the bottom of the screen. Once it has been processed, your instructors will automatically be added to your “Instructors” page.

You have now easily uploaded all of your instructors! If you have set passwords, you should give your instructors your custom portal URL, their usernames, and their passwords so they can log in and get started.

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