How do I add students to my account?

If you need to add multiple students to your account, you can use one of the following two methods:

Method 1: Add Many Students

Best for small accounts with a few classes, rosters must be uploaded individually for each class.

  • Go to Students > Add Many Students. Here you can find instructions on how to format a .csv file containing your students’ names and some identifying information.
  • Click “Next Step” to get more information on how to create a .csv file. The following are the required fields for your preferred login setup:
  • Google SSO: first name, email
    Username/Password: first name, username, password
  • Upload your .csv file, click “Choose File” and select the .csv file containing the properly formatted list of your students and their information.
  • Click “Next” to preview your roster.
  • If you have imported a single class, you may enroll all students to a class you have already created. This is optional, and all students can be enrolled in classes later.
  • If you are a district administrator and you have added schools to your account, you can choose a school for the students here.
  • Click “Finalize Import”. You will now see all of the students from your csv file appear under the Students tab.

Method 2: Data Import Tool

Best for large accounts and districts, student IDs and class IDs are required for a successful upload of all students at once.

Go to “Settings” and scroll down to click the “Data Import Tool”. Here you can see the link on the right side of the screen titled “Students”. Clicking this link will give you information for required fields in the students.csv file. You can download a template by clicking “Download Student CSV Template File”.

Let's take a look at the fields required for a successful upload:

  1. Required fields:
    • student-id: your internal ID, no special form is required
    • class-id: required if you want to automatically enroll students in their respective classes. Make sure that class IDs have been properly assigned.
    • school-id: required only if you have more than one school
    • first name: students' first names
    • username or email: if students log in with a single sign-on, email must be entered. If no email address is provided, please add a username and a password.

  2. Optional fields:
    • last name: students' last names
    • password: if students log in with a single sign-on, they will log in with their secure password (TypingClub doesn't store them). To log in with username/password, please add a password.
    • grade: including a grade will help you more easily sort through your classes in the future
    • action: use the word "update" for all rows in your spreadsheet to add or update student information, or the word "delete" to remove it.

Once you have created your csv file, make sure to save it, return to the Data Import Tool page, and upload the file. Uploading may take a couple of minutes depending on the size of the file. Check the Students tab to make sure that students from your spreadsheet have populated in your account, and the Classes tab to verify that students are properly enrolled in their respective classes.

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