Adjust the Difficulty of a Lesson Plan

If the difficulty of your lesson plan does not match the skill level of your students, you can change the difficulty level of the lessons in terms of accuracy and/or words per minute.

To quickly change the difficulty of a lesson plan, choose the Classes tab on the left side of the screen and select the class of interest. Choose the “Lesson Plans” link to see an overview of the lesson plans assigned to the class. Under the “Adjust Difficulty” column, you can adjust the difficulty of the lesson plan to have a higher or lower words per minute or accuracy requirement. Click the “Update” button and you will see the new requirement reflected in the overview of the lesson plan.

Note: To check the default word per minute requirement of a lesson plan, go to the "Lesson Plans" tab on your main menu, select the lesson plan of your choice, and click "Advanced Lesson View" on the top.

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