Anchoring Lessons

In an anchoring lesson, students are prompted to hold down either the F or J key to keep one hand occupied while practicing letters from the other side of the keyboard.

When students stop pressing the required key, they can’t continue the lesson until the F or J key is pressed again. For example, in a left-hand anchored lesson, students hold the F key with their left pointer and only practice characters from the right side of the keyboard. This helps to ensure that students are using the correct fingers for each key.

You can create an anchoring lesson by choosing one of the anchoring lesson displays. To do this, go to the ‘Lessons’ tab within a lesson plan, and click the blue ‘+ Add a New Lesson’ button at the bottom of your lesson list. You will be prompted to choose a lesson type. You can choose either right hand anchoring or left hand anchoring.

To change an existing lesson from standard to anchoring, use the 'Lesson Display' options:

Once the lesson type is selected, the settings can be customized the same way you would customize a standard typing lesson.

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