How do I set instructor permissions?

Instructors in your TypingClub account can be given a number of roles. To review and adjust the permission level, choose the Instructors tab, select an instructor, and go to the Permissions tab. You will see the following options:

  • Account Administrator: has access to change anything in the account.
    (Note: If you want to make an instructor a school administrator, go to Schools > Select school > Admins.)

  • Can access students from all schools: this option is useful if you are managing multiple schools and need to allow a teacher to have access to students from multiple schools.

  • Can change class names and IDs: this option allows you to control who can manage the class list.

  • Can delete classes: this option allows you to control who can delete classes from the class list.

  • Can change student information: this option lets you control who can manage students' information.

To apply your changes, click “Update Permissions” and you're all set.

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