Billing Information

If you need to make a payment, see your past payments, or view our company tax information, click the Billing tab on the left-hand side of the screen. Here you will see an overview of your billing, including our downloadable W-9 form, our tax ID number, and instructions on how to send a PO.

Select the History tab to see your past invoices and payments.

If you would like to purchase licenses today using a credit card, select the Purchase Licenses tab, under the billing section and enter the number of licenses you need. The price per student gets progressively less expensive as you request more licenses. This price breakdown can be found by visiting our pricing information page here. Enter how many years you want your licenses to last, and specify a start date for the licenses if it is different from today. You can now pay with your credit card.

If you need to send a check, click the Get a Quote tab and follow the same instructions as if you were paying with a card. When you get to the next screen you will see a button that says “Generate Quote,” which will provide you with a PDF version of the quote for your purchase. Please send your PO by email to or fax to 240-772-5885, and make sure to reference your account’s portal URL.

As soon as we receive your PO, we will respond with a matching invoice.