Why do my students show no lessons when they log in?

If you have imported students to your account, but have not enrolled them in a class, they will see the following message:

"You are currently not assigned to any classes. Please speak to your instructor to either open up classes for you to join, or assign you to a class."

After you import students to your account, you need to enroll them in a class. Once you do that, your students will be able to start practicing.

How to Enroll Students in a Class

Go to the Classes tab. All of your classes should be visible on this screen.

Click the name of your class to be taken to the overview of the class. Click on "Student Enrollment." On this page, you can enroll students in your class by clicking the "Add existing students" button.


How to Identify Students Who are Not Enrolled in a Class

1. Go to the Students tab.
2. Export the Students CSV file.
3. View the CSV file.

Any students who do not have a current enrollment will show as "0" in the CSV file under the Enrollments column.

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