How to Set Up Classes

NOTE: After adding students to your account, you must also enroll them in a class. Students without an enrollment will not have any lessons to work on.

1. Manual Student Enrollment

Once you add a class, go to the "Student Enrollment" tab, and enroll your students using one of the following options:

  • Add one new student: Go to the Classes tab, select your class and click "Student Enrollment". If you click "Add One Student", you'll be taken to a simple form that will both add a new student to your account and enroll them in your class.

  • Add an existing student: Go to the Classes tab, select your class and click "Student Enrollment". If a student already exists in your account, click "Add Existing Student." A search box will appear where you can search for any student that already exists in your account and add them to the class.

  • Add many students - from the "Classes" tab: Go to the Classes tab, select your class and click "Student Enrollment". Click the "Add Many Students" button. From there, follow the instructions to import your students and choose the method that best suits your needs.

  • Add many students - from the "Students" tab: Go to the Students tab and choose the "Add Many Students" from the top navigation bar. The wizard will allow you to add multiple students and assign them to classes at the same time.

2. Open Enrollment

Use this set up to allow students to join a class.

Go to the Classes tab. Either add a new class or select your class from the list. Click "Edit Class." scroll down to "How should students join this class?" and select "Any student in my account may join." Scroll to the bottom of the page and save your changes. When students sign in, they will see lesson plans with the option to click "Join". After clicking 'Join' they'll be enrolled in your class.

What if a Student Joins a Class by Mistake?

You are still in control of your student list for each class. If a student joins an incorrect class by mistake, you can remove him or her from your student list by going to the Classes tab, clicking "Student Enrollment", selecting the student you wish to remove from your list and clicking "Unsubscribe".

HINT: You can mix and match the two options above by assigning some students yourself and allowing the rest of the class to enroll themselves.

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