What is my school code?

Signing in using the EdClub iPad App

The first time you open our EdClub app using an iPad, you will be prompted to enter a school code. The school code is the first part of your school's login URL.

For example, if your school's login URL is https://schoolname.typingclub.com, then your school code is schoolname.

Signing in using a Web Browser

To sign in from a web browser such as Chrome, go directly to your school's login URL (for example: https://schoolname.typingclub.com ). If you accidentally sign in at www.typingclub.com, we may be able to recognize that you belong to a school and ask you for a school code.

What is my School Code?

  • Ask your teacher what your school code or URL is.
  • You can use our form to look up your school code: School Code Lookup.