Barrington Middle School Adds the Google Chrome Extension to Their Students' TypingClub Accounts for Added Ease

Tarsha Doyle is the Technology Integration Specialist at Barrington Middle School, a public school in Barrington, New Hampshire with approximately 450 students. She integrates technology into the school's curriculum using feedback from teachers and students. In addition, she trains the school's technology staff to use each program. Barrington Middle School is on its third year of using TypingClub, and their second year of using the EdClub Google Chrome Extension to access the program.

At a Glance

Tarsha Doyle has been using TypingClub for almost three years as an engaging, easy to use, and effective way to teach her students to type. TypingClub's integration with Google Chrome and Chromebooks enables her to simplify the login process with the Single Sign-On option, saving time and energy for herself and her students.

The Challenge

Tarsha enjoys using TypingClub because the program is easy to use and engages students in a way that makes learning feel more like a game. However, during the first year of using TypingClub, it was difficult for teachers and students to set up user accounts. Also, the students found logging in to be difficult because they had to locate the school's unique login URL each time they used the program. To do this, students had to either bookmark their school's URL on every computer they used, or they had to find the URL on the school's website. This process was cumbersome, and it also meant that students had to remember usernames and passwords. Because students use different programs for different school subjects, Tarsha found that students easily confused their accounts or got their login credentials mixed up between programs. Tarsha's school needed a way to simplify the login process.

The Solution

Tarsha instituted a few changes to make class set-up a little easier. First, she acquired approximately 90 Chromebooks for her students and teachers. Her school also uses Apple computers, but she has noticed that it is easier to access certain programs, including TypingClub, using the Chromebooks. The second change she made was to start using the EdClub Chrome extension. Since her school is using Google Apps for Education, she was able to push the EdClub app to all of her students' Google accounts. Now that Barrington Middle School uses the TypingClub Chrome Extension, students only have to open the EdClub app and click "Login Using Google." They no longer have to remember usernames and passwords, since their Google email is already associated with their TypingClub account.

Now that students can log in with two simple clicks of their mouse, Tarsha doesn't need to spend class time digging up various students' login credentials or troubleshooting login problems. She is able to focus instead on teaching proper typing technique. For Tarsha, setting up a school-wide Typing Club account was quick and easy. She created a spreadsheet that lists her students' Google Email addresses, then pushed the EdClub Chrome Extension to her Students' Chromebooks. Her students were then automatically logged in to the EdClub app each time they visited, without having to enter a username or password. Tarsha can breathe easier knowing that her school is ready for the academic year.

The Capabilities

Before TypingClub's integration with Google Chrome, Tarsha was forced to create new usernames and passwords for all of the students in her school. This took up valuable time and energy, which could have been better utilized in the classroom. The need for students to remember these unique usernames and passwords often caused confusion and frustration for students. After the Google Chrome integration, logging in became much easier, and Tarsha immediately saw improvements in students' typing accuracy, speed, and the overall time spent practicing. Tarsha is thrilled with how easy it has become to prepare for a new school year and how little maintenance she has to perform throughout the year. Now that students can practice more frequently, Tarsha can add assign more advanced lessons to her students because they complete basic lesson plans more quickly.

The app is connected to the students' Gmail accounts! I love it...super easy! I really enjoyed getting my TypingClub account set up this year...I would love to help other schools out by recommending they use this great tool!