Paradise Valley Unified School District Benefits From TypingClub's Extensive Google Integration

Marian Ouellette is the Interim Director of Curriculum and Instruction for the Paradise Valley Unified School District 69 in Arizona. She oversees a large team of teachers dedicated to providing the highest level of education to almost 40 schools in the district. Marian decided to implement TypingClub into the district's curriculum after learning about the software's integration with Google.

At a Glance

Marian manages over 15,000 students who work towards improving their typing skills. Teachers and students in her district are equipped with Google email addresses, so choosing a software which is fully integrated with Google was an obvious choice.

The Challenge

With the increased impact of technology on our daily lives, teachers are often overwhelmed with the ever growing number of educational platforms available on the market. The beginning of the year can be quite hectic with the challenge of importing new students and rosters to each program teachers use. Marian recognized that managing such a large amount of data across multiple unconnected platforms would not be sustainable.

The Solution

When Marian learned of the Google G-Suite features that were integrated with TypingClub, she saw a solution to her on-going data management issues. The students have been using TypingClub for a few months now, and they love how engaging and intuitive the program is. Ever since the Google Single Sign-On has been enabled, students' experience with the software has improved dramatically. They no longer have to remember unique usernames and passwords, they simply log in to their Google accounts. Instead of figuring out their passwords at the beginning of each class, they can now dedicate their precious time to typing.

Rostering through Google Classroom makes Marian's life even easier. Now, teachers don't have to spend time creating both student accounts and rosters in multiple platforms. They can create their Google Classroom, and with just a few clicks, import the rosters and students into TypingClub.

Using the EdClub Chrome app, students can find the familiar TypingClub logo, and with two clicks (one to launch the school's Portal, and a second to sign in using Google), they will be on their way to improving their keyboarding skills.

The Capabilities

Through the use of Google Single Sign-On to simplify the student login experience, the Chrome EdClub app that links directly to the school's Portal, and Google Classroom to easily create student accounts and rosters with a single click, the integration between Google and TypingClub has saved administrators, teachers, and students time and allowed for a greater focus on improving keyboarding skills. TypingClub is always available to students, whether they want to practice from home or in class. Thanks to Google SSO integration with TypingClub, the Paradise Valley students have been typing more, which is our ultimate goal. The students are now one step closer to being ready for the demanding world out there.