TypingClub Saves Beth Grimwood Time and Energy with Seamless Google Chrome Integration

Beth Grimwood is an elementary school teacher in West Fork, Arkansas. She uses TypingClub to teach keyboarding to over 700 students at her school. In Beth's experience, TypingClub has been an effective tool for teachers and a fun way for students to improve their typing. Her favorite features are the advanced reporting tools, engaging student interface, and 100% web-based format. Because there are no downloads or plugins, students can access the same materials from class or at home.

At a Glance

Beth Grimwood is a teacher at West Fork Elementary in West Fork, Arkansas. She uses TypingClub to teach students how to keyboard accurately and efficiently. Before TypingClub integrated with Google Chrome, Beth was forced to spend hours creating unique usernames and passwords for each student. After Beth implemented Google Chrome integration, her students are now able to access their accounts with the single click of a button. This made staying on course for the class's curriculum much easier and incĀ¬reased Beth's overall satisfaction with TypingClub.

The Challenge

Beth loves using TypingClub to teach her students typing in a way which gets students excited to learn. Students are always very enthusiastic about using the program and their typing skills are consistently improving. However, before TypingClub integrated with Google Chrome, Beth was forced to create unique usernames and passwords for each student in her school. Because she was managing accounts for over 700 students, this process would take hours to complete. In addition, Beth's students would often forget or confuse their usernames and passwords because they use several education programs, each with its own login credentials. When students were assigned homework to complete using TypingClub, they would sometimes forget their login credentials and be unable to complete their work. This caused students to come to class unprepared for the next lesson and slowed the entire class's progress. Students, who were embarrassed about slowing down the class, would then complain to their parents, who would make frustrated phone calls to Beth. Beth became overwhelmed with these phone calls from distressed parents over something as simple as a username or password. She knew there had to be a solution for this problem.

The Solution

By partnering with Google and integrating a Google Chrome extension, TypingClub has greatly simplified the sign-in process. Beth simply went to the Chrome Web Store, searched for the "EdClub" app, and installed the extension. She then searched for her school name in the app, and was brought directly to the correct TypingClub portal. Students were already familiar with Google through other programs they used at school and at home, so the TypingClub integration was an easy transition. Instead of parents calling Beth to complain about lost passwords, they began calling Beth to tell her how much their children were enjoying TypingClub. And because signing in became easier, students began practicing more regularly and were excited to see their typing skills improving.

In addition to a fantastic, user-friendly format, the kids enjoy the competition using the scoreboard. I can check for real progress with the tests I design for them. I think this typing program is one of the very smart purchases we make in online software.

Beth Grimwood

The Capabilities

Before the Google Chrome integration, Beth was forced to create new usernames and passwords for over 700 students in her school. This took up valuable time and energy which could have been better utilized. The need for students to remember these unique usernames and passwords often caused confusion and frustration at home. Through Google Chrome, logging in became much simpler, and these problems were eliminated. Beth's students began completing their homework more regularly, which made staying on schedule made staying on course for the curriculum much easier and increased Beth's overall satisfaction with TypingClub.

I had kids asking me to practice their typing instead of the usual video game-filled free time. TypingClub has been challenging and a great tool for the self-motivated students who get bored with easy stuff. Thanks for developing it and making it available