Project Updates

TypingClub is a highly active project. We push updates to the site on a regular basis. If the feature you are looking for is not there today, request it and chances are, it will be there tomorrow.


June 18th

TypingClub in Russian

We've released a new lesson plan in the Russian language. Russian speakers and learners alike can improve their typing skills using our original Russian lesson plan. read more

May 13th

New Spelling & Vocab Lesson Plan!

We're excited to introduce Spelling & Vocab for 3rd grade, a brand new addition to our library. You can now make use of a vast collection of carefully curated lessons designed to build students' vocabulary, reinforce spelling skills and improve comprehension. The beta version is available for you to use completely free of charge. read more

April 10th

Colemak Support

The on-screen keyboard that helps students with finger positioning now includes support for Colemak which is often referred to as the best layout for fast typists. You can now give it a try and decide for yourself. read more

March 26th

ISTE Seal of Alignment

Upon a rigorous review, we're thrilled that TypingClub has been awarded a Seal of Alignment to the ISTE Standards. The review body has concluded that "This is an excellent, well-conceived, well-executed, and continually improving system for teaching touch typing for K-12 students." read more

February 11th

Digital Citizenship Lesson Plan

Our new Digital Citizenship lesson plan has been released! While following the lessons, students will learn about becoming responsible digital citizens. The new DC typing lesson plan is accessible from your Lesson Plan Library and can be installed and assigned to any class. read more

January 30th

Sam & Luna

Our latest animated story has been released! Follow Sam as he travels through enchanted forests and makes new friends while encountering challenges on his journey to get back home. This story will be sure to intrigue your students while continuing to advance their typing skills. read more


December 28th

New Chinese Lesson Plan

A lesson plan for Chinese speakers and learners has been released! After an introduction to the main characters and key combinations, you can learn to type the Chinese Pinyin input method with us. This lesson plan is accessible from your Lesson Plan Library and can be assigned to any class. read more

August 8th

Lesson Plan Editor

The new lesson plan editor allows teachers to manage their custom lesson plans much more effectively. There are many new features that allows teachers to duplicate and bulk-update lessons as well as move sections more efficiently. read more

August 7th

Dynamic Lessons

At the end of each section of Typing Jungle, new adaptive lessons will appear that focus on each student's individual weaknesses by examining their performance. This is a great way for students and teachers to focus on the combination letters that they are having more difficulty with! read more

August 1st

New Animated Story

The latest addition to our animated story typing has been released! The new and captivating story will take your students on an adventure through space while helping them continue to improve their typing skills. read more

July 17th

New Languages

New lesson plans have been released in French, Portuguese, Italian, and Slovak! These lesson plans are accessible from your Lesson Plan Library and can be assigned to any class. read more

June 28th

Class Codes

Teachers now have the ability to allow students to enroll in their class by entering in a unique class code. This new method will make the enrollment process more efficient on both the student and teacher interface. read more

May 18th

Jungle Junior

This new and engaging lesson plan will prepare your Pre-K, K, and 1st graders for keyboarding. The lessons focus on letter and sound recognition as well as writing strokes. Through fun and animated lessons, your students will learn how to associate hands and fingers with letters on the keyboard. read more

April 30th

Reports Tab

This new reporting tab allows instructors to view data based on district, school, grade, class, or individual student. You also have the option to adjust to a daily, weekly, or monthly overview and export the overall summary. This is a great tool to keep track of all the progress on your account! read more

March 20th

Story Typing Results Page

Our latest feature will display a results page for students at the end of each story typing lesson with their typing statistics. Similarly, teachers will now be able to view story typing results under each students' progress, and activity attempts tab. This new feature is wonderful for keeping track of students' typing through these animated and engaging lessons! read more

February 15th

Accessibility Options

Teachers now have the ability to set accessibility options for individual students in their classes. Students profile can be configured to meet the unique needs of blind, low vision, dyslexic, hard of hearing, and one handed typists. Take advantage of this feature to help your students succeed. read more

January 15th

Closed Captioning in English

Video lessons within the Typing Jungle lesson plan are now available with closed captioning in English. This new feature is wonderful for viewers who may be in environments where access to the audio is limited or for our viewers who are hearing impaired. We will have subtitles available for video lessons in other languages in the near future. read more

January 2nd

Placement Test

Teachers can now utilize Placement Tests to assess where students' current touch typing abilities are. The Placement Test allows students to take a test that will then place them in the appropriate level within the Typing Jungle lesson plan. read more


September 29th

Set Minimum Star Requirement

Teachers have the ability to set the minimum number of stars students must receive before they can move on to the next lesson. This feature allows teachers to select the minimum star requirement for the lesson plan from the "Student Settings" section of the class management page. read more

September 22nd

Update Classes in Bulk

Many settings can now be set for multiple classes at once. With only one click, account admins can enjoy setting goals, managing the scoreboard, assigning lesson plans, and many other features for all classes in their account. read more

September 11th

Adjust Minimum Accuracy

Teachers have been able to adjust the minimum speed requirements for their class. Now they're also given the option to adjust the minimum accuracy requirements. Take advantage of this feature to promote the importance of high typing accuracy in your class. read more

September 4th

Animated Story Typing

The long-awaited story typing is now live! Your students can practice their typing skills by typing an original story in an engaging, interactive environment. You can integrate Ava & the Rabbit and Going Solo by installing these lesson plans from the Lesson Plan Library and assigning them to your classes. read more

August 31st

Set Daily & Weekly Goals

Teachers can set daily and weekly time goals for their classes under "Student Settings" from their class management page. Students will see the goals on their dashboard upon logging in. It's a great tool to keep students on track! read more

August 28th

Control Student Settings from Teacher Portal

Teachers now have the option to set the preferences for their students directly from their "Edit Class" page. If you decide to lock certain settings from the teacher portal, those settings will no longer be adjustable by your students. read more

May 22nd

Accessibility Features

TypingClub is now able to accommodate the needs of even more students. The voice-over reads the text aloud and gives students audio instructions. The extra-large font allows visually impaired students to see the text, and when combined with our high-contrast black theme, the visibility of the text dramatically increases. Moreover, students can learn typing with one hand thanks to our one-hand virtual guides in conjunction with a lesson plan crafted for right & left hand typing. read more

May 20th

Keyboard Navigation

When moving between lessons, students no longer have to take their fingers off the keyboard. Simple keyboard shortcuts are displayed when students hover over the navigation arrows on the results page. Press Ctrl+f to move forward to the next lesson, Ctrl+r to redo the lesson, and Ctrl+h to go back to the lesson plan. read more

May 13th

Box vs. Tile Display

With many activities assigned, students might find it hard to locate their lesson plan. Students can now choose to display their lesson plans as a list of activities, allowing them to view many more activities on a single page without having to scroll down. read more

May 6th

Customizable Calendar

Do your students like to check their practice on the calendar? The practice calendar has been redesigned to allow you to change the start day of your week. read more

April 29th

Assign a Range of Lessons

Teachers can now assign a range of lessons to better monitor students' progress. This setting applies to a class, so that every teacher can choose the pace at which students move forward. read more

March 13th

New Instructor Permissions

Administrators can now choose which teachers are allowed to delete classes. To check a teacher's permissions or update them, go to the permissions tab of a teacher's profile, and choose the settings that best fit your needs. Don't forget to hit 'Update Permissions' before leaving the page! read more

February 15th

Award Badges

Teachers can now award badges to their students! Simply go to the student's profile and use the '+ Award Badges' button, then select a badge from the list. read more

January 27th

Students Can View Test Attempts

Students can now view their recent test attempts on their Stats page. This will allow students to better track their progress over time. read more

January 18th

Anchoring Lessons

You can now create anchoring lessons! It's a new type of lesson which challenges your students to use the proper typing technique. Each lesson allows you to focus on one half of the keyboard, while requiring students to occupy the opposite hand. read more

January 15th


Students can now change the background of their lesson screen. Themes are available from the settings menu of the student portal. While the teacher manages assignments and tests, students can make their typing practice more enjoyable with personalized backgrounds. read more

January 13th

Games & Videos

Make the learning experience more fun with exciting games and instructional videos. Both are integrated in Typing Jungle but can be fully managed just like any other lesson. read more


December 23rd

New Lesson Plan Coming Soon

We're releasing a brand new lesson plan called Typing Jungle at the beginning of the year! It has everything you've asked for: hundreds of new lessons, typing games, instructional videos, multiple themes to customize the typing environment, and much more. read more

November 3rd

Certificates Issued By Default

Certificates of achievement are now issued by default. You won’t ever have to miss out on them again. If you don’t want to issue certificates upon completion of a typing test, you can always turn them off in the “Edit Options” tab of your typing tests. read more

October 18th

Google Classroom

We now support student rostering using Google Classroom. To import your classes from Google, simply go to your “Classes” and click the Google Classroom icon at the top-right side of your screen. Your rosters are then just a click away. read more

September 5th

Block Typing

Teachers now have the option to create lessons using our “Block Typing” tool. It puts each character in its own box, which ultimately helps students focus on each character thoroughly. Choosing a typing engine is the first step when creating a new lesson. read more

August 1st

Instructional Posters

Bring some color to your classroom with instructional posters from TypingClub. The posters display a color-coded lowercase/uppercase layout of your keyboard with matching colors for each finger's typing range. It also contains tips for touch typing and better sitting posture. Check out our store to learn more. read more

July 10th

Instructional Keyboard Covers

You can use our instructional keyboard covers to ensure your students aren’t looking at their hands. They sit neatly above the student's keyboard and display a color-coded diagram indicating the standard QWERTY keyboard, along with instructions on proper finger positioning. Check out our store to learn more. read more

June 6th

Keyboard Sounds

Craving the "click"? Keyboard sound effects are here! Students can access the option to turn on or off keyboard sounds from within their lesson view. The "settings" icon has lots of new options for students to check out! read more

June 6th

Language Options!

Language options for keyboard layouts now include: US Standard / QWERTY Italian Dutch Romanian French / AZERTY German / QWERTZ Russian Persian This can be controlled by students using the settings icon in their lesson view, or selected by instructors when creating or editing lesson plans. Our default is still US Standard / QWERTY. read more

June 6th

Keyboard Skins

Students can now change the appearance of the virtual hands and keyboard that appear during lessons! With four options to choose from, students can customize their typing experience even further. read more

May 30th

Text Size

New size options for text. Instructors can customize lessons in their lesson plans with small, medium, large, or extra large text! This can be found under the options for each lesson in a lesson plan. read more

May 25th

Student Progress Export for District Admins

District admins can now export detailed spreadsheets of students on a per-school basis. The spreadsheet includes average WPM, accuracy, real accuracy, number of attempts, and time spent practicing. This is a great resource for district admins who want to do their own analysis of their students' progress and habits in TypingClub! read more

April 12th

Updated Attempt Results Explanation

New and improved explanation of attempt results for both students and teachers. Students will now get a line of text that gives them more insight into why they didn't receive full points or why they didn't pass a lesson immediately after attempting it. Instructors can use each student's "Attempt History" tab to see more clearly the requirements for each lesson and how the student performed in comparison. We also added better labeling so you teachers see the lesson number as well as lesson name and lesson plan for each attempt under that view. read more

March 7th

Cheat Detection System

This feature analyzes every student, creates a baseline of performance, and compares subsequent attempts to this baseline. If an attempt's typing style doesn't match-based on overall speed, normal speed of letter combinations, and overall accuracy- the teacher will see a small red exclamation mark next to the student's attempt. The instructor can then replay the attempt to decide whether they agree that it is indeed a cheat (or performed by a different person), delete the attempt, or take other action as they see fit. read more

March 2nd

Log In as Student

Login as your students to check out what they're seeing! Go to a student's account and notice the new tab called "Login as". Once you click this tab, use the pop-up instructions to access the student's portal. read more

February 24th

Unlocking a Lesson Plan after the end of another

You can now set several lesson plans for a class at once, but set rules for the order in which they are unlocked for students. read more

January 27th

New data grid for Classes

We have released an updated version of the Classes tab! Now you can choose the "filters" option to sort classes based on school, grade, activity, or lesson plan. read more

January 26th

Student Progress added as a District Report

Districts now have more visibility as to their student progress across schools! When logged in as a district admin, go to the Schools tab, click Performance Reports, and use the blue button to export stats for student progress in each school. read more

January 21st

CSV Export added for Time Reports

You can now export your Time Reports into a CSV file! Once you are in your class, choose the Reports tab, select either Daily or Weekly Reports, choose your dates and either use this information directly from TypingClub or export it into an excel file. read more

January 8th

Student Progress PDF

Use this option to generates a PDF report showing the progress of each student on this lesson plan. You may use this PDF report to send to your students' parents indicating their progress. read more

January 6th

Badges for Students

Look out for our new, witty, and colorful badges your students will now earn when achieving special goals! After earning a new badge, they will see a page displaying their new accolade. This feature is another way for students to be motivated by learning new skills in a gameified way. read more


November 18th

Lesson Plan Management

The Lesson Plans tab now has filters! Finding a specific lesson plan is simple now that you can search based on lesson plan editors, grade level, and when the lesson plan was created. read more

September 7th

Student Grid

We have refreshed our Students tab to include many filters and options to make manipulating individual and groups of students easier. You can now select students based on school, grade, class, activity, and last login date. read more

August 24th

Merging Student Accounts

We have developed a tool to allow the merging of duplicate student accounts while preserving student activity. This can be very helpful for students who may have been accidentally duplicated from year to year. read more

April 9th

Student Certificates

Instructors now have the ability to award certificates to students who either finish a test or meet a passing requirement for a test. This is a great way to show students that their hard work is paying off! read more

February 2nd

Test Access Management

So far tests have only been accessible by teachers within the same school. Now, you can grant any instructor from any school to view test results. read more

January 21st

Test Certificates

You can now configure your tests to issue certificates to students. The test will later allow you to print the certificates in bulk in order to hand it to students. read more


September 29th

Parent Letter

You can now customize and generate personalized parent letters for each student in your class by going to a class and looking for the "Parent Letter" option. read more

September 26th

Test templates

When editing your test's text, you may now choose from one of many test templates we have compiled for you. read more

May 28th

Student Filter Option in Tests

With the improved test results page, you can filter students by grade, class, and school. read more

May 18th

Improved Virtual Hands

The new virtual hands option for students provides a real-live depiction of hand placement on the keyboard as students are typing. read more

May 3rd

Replay Snapshots

You can now get a final snapshot of a student's attempt without having to watch the entire attempt replay! read more

April 5th

Student Reports

We've added a "Stats" page on the student view to provide students with more insight in their activities. More useful reports will be added in that section as we come up with them. read more

April 4th

iPad app

Our iPad app was just released to the App Store available for immediate use. The app is free to download. It requires a student account and works only with the TypingClub's School Edition. To find it search for "EdClub" on the App Store, and "TypingClub". read more

March 27th

Lesson Time Limit

You can now set a time limit for lessons. All existing lessons have been assigned a 10 minute timeout. You can turn off the instant speed and accuracy stats that are frequently updated while the student is typing on a per class basis. To turn this off, you can go to your class's edit option, and look for the option "Show live speed and accuracy stats". read more

February 28th

Customized logout experience

The logout experience can now be customized to allow for students to sign out of Google as well as TypingClub. Furthermore, the option allows for a custom destination URL after logout. read more

February 3rd

Improved School Admins

School administrators can now add, remove, and manage other instructors that are in their schools. read more


December 3rd

Track partial attempts

This option will allow you to start tracking the time students spend on attempts but click on the "redo" button before ever finishing them. To turn this option on, please go to your settings - Student Options and adjust the option called "Track Partial Attempts". read more

November 11th

Tab key now works

Our typing engine now supports "Tab". Our default lesson plan does not currently have a lesson for it, but feel free to add it to your own lesson plans. read more

November 11th

Display Student Name on Typing Screen

If you've ever found yourself uncertain of whether your students are practicing from their own accounts, you can turn this option on to view the student's name at the bottom of their typing page. When you look at a student's computer, you will see his or her name at the bottom of the screen. To turn this option on, please go to your settings - Student Options and adjust the second option. read more

October 19th

Introducing School Admins

You can now assign instructors as school admins. School admins will be able to administrator any class and student in their school. To do that, go to your school's "Admins" tab, and follow the instructions. read more

September 25th

Prevent students from changing their passwords

With the new "Student Options" settings you can prevent students from having the option to change their own password. read more

September 23rd

Adjust Lesson Plan Difficulty per Student

With this new option, you may change the difficulty of a lesson plan in a class per student. Look for that option on the scoreboard page of each class. read more

September 22nd

Custom lesson instructions

You can now set custom lesson instructions for your lesson plans. To do that, go to your lesson plan, click to edit a lesson, and look for the option to add instructions. read more

September 10th

Student Progress Report

Added a report for each class to show how students are progressing along the entire lesson plan in one simple view. To access it, go to your class view, click on the second tab, and look for the sub-tab option labeled as "Student Progress". read more

September 1st

Lock Lessons

You can prevent students from progressing beyond a level # for each class. read more

September 1st

Adjustable Lesson Difficulty

You can now adjust the difficulty of a lesson plan for each class. read more

September 1st

Multiple Lesson Plans per Class

You can now assign more than one lesson plan for a given class. This allows you to be able to mix and match multiple lesson plans without a need for having to duplicate the class. read more

August 10th

Data Import Tool

Use the data import tool to mass upload your schools, instructors, classes and students using the data import tool. read more

August 2nd

Timezone Setting

Option for accounts to adjust their timezone is now available under account settings. read more

May 27th

Virtual Keyboard

Students can now turn on an optional virtual keyboard. Furthermore, they can turn off the fingers guide while working on a lesson. read more

May 22nd

Class Reports

Added a reporting tab to every class, starting with one report: Weekly Activity Report will provide with a summary of how long each student spent time practicing each week. read more

May 15th

Typing Test

You can now create highly customized typing tests for your students. read more

May 5th

SSL Support

We've added SSL support for school administration interface as well key student interfaces. You can customize this option by going to your settings. read more

May 4th

Improved "Add Existing Students" form

Adding students to your class from the master student list is now much easier. When you are in your class, go to the students tab, click on "Add Existing Students", and simply copy and paste key identifiers about your students in the form to match and add multiple students at the same time. read more

May 2nd

Update Students Wizard Added

Use the new student update wizard to update many students at the time, assign multiple students to a class, or delete their records at the once. read more

April 28th

iOS Support Added

Your students can now start practicing using an iOS (iPad, iPhone) device. read more

April 23rd

New Lesson Build Interface

A friendlier view for adding and editing lessons faster. Ability to update multiple lessons as the same time. Ability to preview a lesson in place. read more

April 15th

Students can now sign up

You can now allow your students to sign up with your portal by themselves. To configure this option go to Student Sign Up Option and follow the instructions. read more

April 14th

Activity Feed

View a live feed of your students' activities while they are practicing. read more

April 12th

Attempt Replay

You can now replay your students' lesson attempts by going to a student or a class's activity page. read more

April 11th

Email Students

You can send your students individualized messages with their login credentials and more. read more

January 28th

Test attempt replay

Starting today, you can view and replay individual attempts for tests, much like you can with lesson attempts. Furthermore, you can view and remove student attempts. read more