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With the summer break coming to an end, it is time to start preparing for the new school year. Follow this checklist and Q&A for a smooth and easy transition into a new year with edclub!

  • Confirm the expiration date of your subscription and make sure to renew for the new school year. You can check your subscription status in the Billing tab of your admin portal.

  • Delete the students who are no longer using the account and the classes that are no longer in session.

  • Add all new students and enroll them in their classes. Login cards can be printed and handed out to each student on the first day so they remember their credentials.

  • Add any new instructors who will be using your account.

  • Browse new content in the Courses tab. Besides the main Typing Jungle curriculum, we have Jungle Junior, DC Typing, Spanish curriculum, animated story typing, grade-specific courses on Vocabulary & Spelling, and brand new grade-based typing courses.

  • Before you add new classes, check your default course settings under Courses Settings . You can assign a specific course to each grade.

  • If you are using an iPad app, make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the app.

Questions & Answers

What happens with students' progress over the summer?

Students' progress carries over from year to year. By default, students continue working where they left off before the summer. If you prefer they start over, you are able to reset their progress.

How do I move students up one grade?

This action can be performed quickly by going to Students Select All More Actions Move Up One Grade. This will simply update students' grade designation, you'll still need to check if the classes they're enrolled in are still correct.

How do I update my students' information in bulk?

You can export a CSV file of students currently in your account by going to Students. You should see a list of your students in the account, as well as a few filters on the top of the student list. Once you've filtered your desired population, click Export CSV. Once downloaded, you can go to the spreadsheet and enter the new grade for all students. You can then upload the new spreadsheet by going to Students Add Student Import/Update Students.

How do I add new students to my account?

You should go to Students Add Student Import/Update Students. Here you can find instructions on how to format a CSV file containing your students' names and some identifying information. Once you have gone through the steps, you will see all of the students from your CSV file appear under your main student list.

How can I delete students from my account?

If you would like to remove a student from your account, you can do so by selecting the Students tab on the left side of the screen. You can then filter the students and click the box to the left of the student you wish to remove, and click Delete. Please note that deleting a student is an irreversible process.

How can I enroll students in a class?

A student can be enrolled in class by going to Classes Your Class Students. You will have the option to either create a new student account, enroll an existing student, or enroll many students. Alternatively, you can go to Students Select your students Enroll in Class Choose your class. This action will not un-enroll students from other classes.

How can I disenroll students from a class?

You are able to disenroll a student from their previous class by going to the class and clicking the Students link. You can then select the student and click Disenroll.

How do I add multiple classes to my account?

Our Data Import Tool allows you to add multiple classes at once rather than adding them manually. You can go to Tools Data Import Tool. Here you can click the link on the right side of the screen titled Classes. Clicking this link will give you information for required fields and you can follow the steps and upload your CSV file.

How do I import my classes and student roster using Google Classroom?

You can import both your students and rosters directly from Google Classroom into your edclub account. To start a new year with Google Classroom, delete your old classes and import your new ones by going to Classes Google Classroom. Google Classroom will create the new classes, add any students that didn't already have an account, and pull in the existing students to that roster.

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Notice: If you have any other questions or comments, please reach out to us at [email protected].