Add instructors

There are two ways to add instructors to an edclub account: individually or in bulk. Whichever method you choose, keep in mind that instructors always log in with their email addresses and they choose their own passwords.

Add instructors individually

If only a small number of teachers needs to be added to an account, the easiest way is to add them one by one:

  1. Go to Instructors.
  2. Click Add Instructor.
  3. Provide the instructor's full name and email address.
  4. Set his/her role and special permissions.
  5. Save your changes by clicking Add Instructor.
Notice: Admins do not set passwords for teachers. A welcome email will be sent to the provided email address inviting teachers to create a password and sign in.

Add instructors in bulk using the Data Import Tool

To access the tool, go to Tools Data Import Tool. The Data Import Tool is a powerful data processing tool that allows admins to upload large amounts of data in a quick and organized manner. Simply prepare your spreadsheet with a .csv extension containing your teachers' information, or download our template by clicking here: Data Import Tool Instructor CSV template file.

Let's take a look at the required and optional fields for a successful upload:

  • Required fields
    • instructor-id: your internal ID, no special form is required
    • school-id: required only if you have more than one school, no special form is required
    • first name: teachers' first names are required
    • email: teachers' email addresses are required. Teachers will use their email address to log in.

  • Optional fields
    • last name: will help you more easily sort through your instructor list in the future
    • phone: will be helpful if you need to be able to quickly contact a teacher
    • password: if your CSV doesn't contain teacher passwords, the instructors will be sent an email inviting them to set up their password
    • action: use the word "update" for all rows in your spreadsheet to add or update instructors, or the word "delete" to remove them
    • send-invite: if set to "true", the system will send an email to teachers who are being added for the first time. The email will invite them to set up their password and log in. If the user already exists, the system will not send them an email. The email is not sent by default.
Warning: Field titles must match exactly.

Once you have created your CSV file, make sure to save it, return to the Data Import Tool page, and upload the file. Uploading may take a couple of minutes depending on the size of the file. Check the Instructors tab to make sure the teachers from your spreadsheet have populated in your account.

Notice: For more details on the Data Import Tool, file setup, and required vs. optional fields, please refer to the Data Import Tool Process PDF.