CSV File Templates

Data Import Tool | Large accounts

This tool allows you to upload multiple schools, instructors, classes, and students with 4 simple CSV files. The most important thing is to generate/upload the files in order. Go to Settings & Tools Tools Data Import Tool. For more details on the Data Import Tool, please refer to the resources below.

Data Import Tool Process Data Import Tool School CSV template file Data Import Tool Instructor CSV template file Data Import Tool Class CSV template file Data Import Tool Student CSV template file

Import/Update Tool | Small accounts

To set up a small account, create your classes first, students second, and teachers last. To create classes, click Classes Add Class Add Students, and choose one of the options depending on whether you'd like to add existing students who are already entered in the system, or add new students individually or in bulk. If you choose to add students in bulk, follow the steps to upload a CSV file with students' login information. You may find CSV file templates to add or update students below.

Add Many Students Wizard CSV template file Update Students Wizard CSV template file