School code

Every edclub account has a unique school code. It is the best way for us to identify your account and keep your data separate from the rest of edclub users. If your school's login URL is, then your school code is schoolname. If you're not sure what your school code is, you can find it in the address bar of your browser, in the support section of your admin portal, or you can look it up here: School Code Lookup

Signing in using the edclub iPad app

The first time students open our edclub app using an iPad, they will be prompted to enter a school code. The school code is the first part of your school's login URL. This action needs to be performend only once. Next time, the app will remember the school's URL and prompt the students to log in immediately upon launching the app. The iPad app is available only for students using the edclub School Edition.

Signing in using a web browser

To sign in from a web browser such as Chrome, go directly to your school's login URL (for example: If you accidentally sign in at, we may be able to recognize that you belong to a school and ask you for a school code.