Account settings

Although teachers usually manage their classes on TypingClub, certain settings can be set by account admins for the whole account. Settings adjusted on this level take precedence over those set on class level by teachers.

Basic account information

Go to Settings My Profile and Account Information.

Here you can update basic information about your account such as your address, district or school name, and your time zone. Keep in mind that changing the time zone directly affects all performance reports on your account.

Account-wide settings

Go to Settings Account Settings.

  • Login Options: You can personalize your portal's login page by selecting your preferred login option. We recommend choosing only those options that are used in your district. The available options are username/password, Google SSO, Facebook SSO, Microsoft 365 SSO, or Clever and ClassLink SSO (if your account syncs with these providers). You can also select a custom logout page where students will be redirected upon logging out of their TypingClub account.

  • Instructor Settings: Admins can limit instructors' permissions in several areas. By default, instructors can manage only their classes and students. This option can be extended to all students on the account. Furthermore, admins can prevent instructors from editing and removing students' profiles, creating custom lesson plans, and creating tests.

  • Student Settings: Admins can manage students' experience on an account-wide level as well. You can select whether or not students are allowed to change their passwords, you can choose to track students' partial attempts, allow them to log in with their email address without providing a password, and you can select whether or not they have access to the class scoreboard.