Instructor permissions

Instructors in an edclub account can be given a number of roles and special permissions. To review and adjust them, go to Instructors Select Instructor Edit Instructor. To apply your changes, click Update Instructor.


  • Instructor: can view and manage all students in their school along with their classes.
  • Account Admin: has the highest permission level over the account. This is typically the person who manages the data for the entire school or district.
  • School Admin: can manage all classes, students, and instructors in their school.
  • Billing Admin: has access only to the Billing tab on the account. This is helpful for the person responsible for renewing your subscription.


  • Admins can allow instructors to access students from all schools. This is very is useful if you have instructors who move between multiple schools and need access to students from all schools.
  • Admins can allow instructors to add, change, and delete student information. If you, the admin, are responsible for managing your student and class list and do not want instructors to be able to change or delete them, keep this option turned off.
  • Admins can allow instructors to change class names and IDs.
  • Admins can allow or prevent instructors from deleting classes.