Typing Jungle

Recommended grades: 2 - 12

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The default course for every class and account is Typing Jungle. The default course is the activity that will be automatically assigned to all classes in your account, unless specified otherwise. Typing Jungle contains over 600 lessons, guiding students from individual keys through numbers and punctuation, and all the way to a goal of 75 WPM. The carefully designed lessons include instructional videos, educational games, cross-curricular content, and other interactive experiences. Below you can find a list of helpful resources to help you plan and manage your typing class with ease.

Typing Jungle Handbooks & Guides

Typing Jungle Handbook Accessibility Features Handbook Typing Jungle Tracker Icon Guide

Typing Jungle Syllabi

Typing Jungle Syllabus: One Year Plan Typing Jungle Syllabus: Two Year Plan

Typing Jungle Handouts

All Handouts Blank Keyboard and Hands Handout Technology Pros and Cons Handout Tricky Words 1 Handout Capitalization Handout Common Patterns 1 Handout Tricky Words 2 Handout Common Patterns 2 Handout Topic Exploration Handout Tricky Words 3 Handout