Grading suggestions

The amount of time required to master touch typing varies and depends on multiple factors. Fundamentally, the goal is to build muscle memory which allows the typist to forget about how to type and focus on what they're typing instead. If you are unsure of how to grade your students, we suggest three approaches that have worked well for teachers in the past:

Practice time

Grade students based on the amount of time they spend practicing typing on a daily or weekly basis. Helpful time-based reports can be found by going to Classes Your Class Reports Daily/Weekly Time Report.


Grade students based on the number of stars they earn on each lesson (1-5 stars). The more stars students receive, the better their standing on the scoreboard. The scoreboard is unique to each course. You can find it by going to the Classes Your Class Scoreboard.

Typing test

Grade students based on their scores on typing tests. Go to Typing Tests Your test Results. Scroll down to the bottom of the test results page to view the best attempt for each student.