Get started

If no account has been created for your school or district, click the following URL to sign up for an account: Choose the account of your choice and fill out a simple form containing information about your school and yourself. Edclub is available in two editions including one that's completely free. You may choose to purchase TypingClub, Vocabulary & Spelling, Digital Citizenship, and SEL separately, or get multiple products in a bundle. You can generate an instant quote for your subscription here.

The program allows you to choose your login URL. This is the URL everyone in your edclub account will use to log in. The school URL usually has the following format:

Tip:Make sure you choose a URL that's short, to the point, and relevant to your school or district.

How do teachers join an existing account?

If your school or district has already created an account with a custom URL, you do not need to make your own account. Instead, contact the account administrator to be added to the existing account.

Is there a free trial?

Yes. edclub offers a 60-day free trial of the Pro Edition. Please choose this option if you want to explore all the advanced features edclub has to offer, completely ad-free. Don't worry, we never ask for your credit card information up front. If you decide to continue using the free version, your account will automatically downgrade to the free edition at the end of the trial period. If you decide to upgrade to the Pro Edition after your trial ends, you can purchase your licences directly from the billing part of your teacher account.