Licensing & Purchasing

How long is the free trial?

We offer a free 60-day trial of our Pro School Edtion. Reach out to should you need an extension on your trial.

What happens after my trial expires?

Once your trial expires, your account will be downgraded to the free basic edition. If you decide to proceed with the Pro Edition, the transition will be absolutely seamless.

How much does TypingClub cost?

A minimum purchase of 25 student licenses at $99.75/year is required. If you'd like to generate a quote for a different number of licenses, you may do so through your Billing tab from your admin portal or by visiting our pricing page.

Who should I purchase licenses for?

Subscription to TypingClub School Edition must be purchased in form of student licenses. Each student login equals one license. You do not need to purchase licenses for teachers.

Are student licenses transferrable?

Our licenses are transferrable so you can purchase for the maximum number of students who will be using the program at one time and then reuse the licenses throughout the year.

Is there a minimum purchase requirement for licenses?

Yes. A minimum of 25 annual licenses is required.

Do you have a site license?

No. Subscription to TypingClub School Edition must be purchased in form of annual student licenses. A minimum of 25 licenses is required.

Do you have monthly pricing?

No. TypingClub licenses are annual and run for 12 months from the time of purchase.

Is there multi-year pricing available?

There is a 10% and 15% discount available for 2-year and 3-year subscriptions respectively.

What happens with my account if I don't renew my license?

Accounts with expired license are automatically downgraded to the free edition. The free account can be used with limited features. TypingClub will never delete an account without the owner's permission.

How do I purchase my licenses?

If you already have a school acccount with TypingClub, you can purchase licenses via credit card directly from the Billing section of your admin portal. If you'd like to submit a purchase order, you can email it to

What payment methods are accepted?

Payments via credit card can be made from the Billing section of your TypingClub school account. If you prefer to send a check, don't forget to note your invoice number, make it payable to "EdClub Inc" and mail it to the following address:
1701 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20006

Where do I send my purchase order?

Purchase orders, as well as other billing-related inquires, should be directed to or faxed to 240-772-5885.

Where can I download a copy of your W-9?

Please click here to download a copy of our W-9.