Manual vs. automatic setup

TypingClub offers a number of rostering options for teachers and school/district administrators. They all require a different amount of day-to-day maintenance. Automatic nightly sync is a great option for larger districts with frequent changes in rosters, while the manual upload works best for smaller accounts that don't mind updating student information on TypingClub manually.

Automatic sync & integrations

The data from your internal Student Information System (SIS) can be automatically synced with TypingClub. Currently, we offer integrations with Clever and ClassLink. Both of them require the school or district admin to share their data with us on the respective platform. Once the initial sync has been completed, the data will be synced periodically. Please reach out to for further information regarding the frequency of the sync.

Semi-automatic Google Classroom setup

If you manage your classes on Google Classroom, you can sync them with your TypingClub account within seconds. Simply go to Classes and click the Google Classroom icon. You'll be prompted to log in to your Google account and pick the classes you'd like to import. Once the import is finalized, your students and classes will be automatically created. Note that this sync is NOT automated; if there are changes in your Google Classroom, remember to re-sync your TypingClub classes by clicking the Google Classroom icon again.

Students imported with Google Classroom can log in to TypingClub in two ways:

  • Google SSO: to customize your login preferences, go to:
    Settings & Tools Settings Login Options

  • Teachers can post a link to their unique portal's URL on the Google Classroom dashboard.

Manual account setup

Setting up an account manually is the most popular option. Depending on the size of the account, account administrators can choose one of the following paths:

  • Large accounts | Tech-savvy admins:

    Go to Settings & Tools Tools Data Import Tool. This tool allows you to upload multiple schools, instructors, classes, and students with 4 simple CSV files. The most important thing is to generate/upload the files in order. Start with schools.csv, review the headers required and feel free to use the downloadable CSV template. Then proceed the same way with instructors, classes, and students. Uploading the files in the correct order and assigning unique IDs will ensure that instructors are assigned to the correct school, classes are assigned to the correct instructor, and students are enrolled in their respective classes.
  • Notice: For more details on the Data Import Tool, file setup, and required vs. optional fields, please refer to the Data Import Tool Process PDF. There are links to download sample CSV files in the PDF.
  • Small accounts | Easy to use:

    To set up a small account, create your classes first, students second, and teachers last. To create classes, click Classes Add Class. Then click Add Students and choose one of the options depending on whether you'd like to add existing students who are already entered in the system, or add new students individually or in bulk. If you choose to add students in bulk, follow the steps to upload a CSV file with students' login information. Lastly, to add instructors, go to Instructors Add Instructor.