General inquires

What are your system requirements?

TypingClub is 100% online so there is no download required. To access TypingClub, all you need is a reliable internet connection and an up-to-date version of any modern browser. Google Chrome is preferred.

Do you have an offline version?

No. TypingClub is 100% web-based. A reliable internet connection is our only technical requirement.

Do you have an iPad app?

Yes, our iPad app is availble for students using the Pro School Edition of TypingClub. You can find it in your App Store under EdClub. We currently support OS 8.3+ on iPad 3rd generation and above as well as iPad mini 2nd generation and above.

Is TypingClub an accessible software?

Yes, the program can be customized to aid those who are blind, low vision, dyslexic, right handed, left handed, and hard of hearing. For more information, please refer to the Accessibility Features Handbook.

What typing curriculum do you offer?

Our main curriculum Typing Jungle is best suited for K-12 students. Pre-K, K, and first grade students are introduced to keyboarding with Jungle Junior. In addition, we offer other programs such as Dvorak, Typing in Spanish (and other languages), DC Typing, Animated Story Typing, and many more. The available lesson plans can be found in the Lesson Plans sections of your school account.

Do you offer other curricula besides typing?

Yes. We've recently launched a spelling curriculum for 3rd-grade students. You can find it in the Lesson Plans section of your account and assign it to your classes just like any other lesson plan. More grade-specific curricula are coming soon.

Can progress be transferred from individual to school edition?

No. Unfortunately, student progress cannot be transferred between the two platforms.

Can I create my own lessons?

Yes, you can create custom lessons by going to the Lesson Plans tab and clicking on Create New Lesson Plan. Once the lesson has been created, you will be able to assign it to your class.

What is a portal URL?

When you create a TypingClub School Edition account, you will choose a unique URL. Typically, your URL would follow this format You can customize the "schoolname" part of the URL to best fit your needs.

Can I use TypingClub outside the United States?

Absolutely. TypingClub can be used anywhere in the world.

Is TypingClub available in other languages?

Yes. We currently offer lesson plans in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Slovak, German, Chinese, Russian, and soon British English, Polish, and Swedish. More languages are coming.

Can you merge multiple school accounts into one account?

No. Unfortunately, we are unable to merge accounts as doing so often causes messy data.

How often are Clever-integrated accounts synced?

Clever-integrated accounts are synced every night.

Any sites to whitelist on my firewall?

Add these URLs to your school's allowed sites to view the full TypingClub content:;; your school's unique portal URL.

How is time tracked on TypingClub?

TypingClub only counts time actually spent typing. Going through your profile or reviewing your stats will not count towards your time.

What is WPM?

WPM stands for Words Per Minute and is a unit of measurement used to calculate exactly how fast you type. In simple terms, this is calculated by counting the number of characters typed, dividing them by 5, and dividing that number by the time it took to type them. For more information, please refer to the document titled Typing Speed: how is it calculated and why does it matter?

How do I delete a school within my account?

You can delete schools from your account by going to the Schools tab. Before the final deletion, you'll have the option to either move the data associted with the school to another school, or delete the school along with the students, classes, and instructors associated with it.