Set up student logins

Each school account has its own unique URL which was chosen when the account was created. To log in, all teachers and students should go to their school account's URL. All teachers sign in using their email address. Students can either use an email/username and password combo or a single sign-on option.

Login options available in edclub

Admins can customize the login options available to access your school's edclub account by going to Settings Account Settings Login Options. In general, students can log in using the following options:

  • Username and password: Assign each student a unique username and password when creating their profiles.
  • Email and password: Provide students' email addresses and passwords when creating their profiles.
  • Google single sign-on Include your students' Google email address in the email field when creating their profiles. You don't need to include a password as the account authentication happens through Google.
  • Microsoft 365 single sign-on: Include your students' Microsoft 365 email address in the email field when creating their profiles.
  • Clever and ClassLink single sign-on: If your account's data is managed by one of these providers, students can access their accounts through their respective single sign-on options.