DC Typing

Recommended grades: 3 - 8

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This course is geared towards students who are already familiar with the basics of touch typing. With DC typing, you can introduce students to fundamental concepts of navigating the digital world. Topics like online safety or students' rights and responsibilities in the online communities are presented in a series of typing lessons. Below you can find a list of handouts to help you manage your class with ease.

DC Typing Handouts

All DC Typing Handouts DC Club Tracker Computers: Handout Computers: Keywords Stay Safe Online: Handout Stay Safe Online: Keywords Passwords: Handout Passwords: Keywords Communities & Communication: Handout Communities & Communication: Keywords Trust this Site?: Handout Trust this Site?: Keywords Active Breaks: Handout Active Breaks: Keywords Searching the Internet: Research Handout Searching the Internet: Search Skills Handout Searching the Internet: Keywords Creative Credit: Handout Creative Credit: Keywords Be Kind - Online & Offline: Pledge Be Kind - Online & Offline: Handout Be Kind - Online & Offline: Keywords