About TypingClub

TypingClub is an educational platform for keyboarding. It is web-based and fully customizable, so your students can practice in class, at home, or wherever an internet connection can be found. Students are already familiar with the layout of the program because the design is very similar to popular games. Each lesson provides instant, meaningful feedback that encourages students to continue practicing. You will be able to track your students' progress, assign typing tests, and customize lesson plans through your instructor portal.

Why teach keyboarding?

Typing faster is not the primary objective of keyboarding; rather it is a desired side effect. Once your students are able to type with all ten fingers without needing to look down at the keyboard, their overall productivity when using a computer will improve dramatically.

When typing with two fingers, the visual and frontal cortices of the brain are forced to focus on where individual keys are located. Keyboarding removes this burden, enabling students to work on things like sentence structure and grammar while they type. To help students in the classroom, the best thing you can do is to make sure students are not looking at the keyboard.